52mm gaugeART Gauge

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The gaugeART CAN Gauge is an innovative compact OLED gauge for displaying real-time data from your CM5-LTS.

The gauge interfaces with the CM5-LTS through a CAN-Enabled I/O Expansion Module and special 1.5m/5ft long harness supplied by Torqbyte.

Supported CM5-LTS parameters below can be displayed on the gauge.

  • Engine Speed (RPM)

  • General Purpose Input (GPI) 1 State
  • General Purpose Input (GPI) 2 State

  • Analog A Trigger State
  • Analog B Trigger State

  • MAIN Current Trigger State
  • AUX Current Trigger State

  • MAP Input Raw (ADC Counts)
  • MAP Voltage (V)

  • Boost (PSIg)
  • Boost (mBARg)

  • Analog A Input Raw (ADC Counts)
  • Analog A Voltage (V)
  • Analog A Input as Flow (mL/min)

  • Analog B Input Raw (ADC Counts)
  • Analog B Voltage (V)
  • Analog B Input as Flow (mL/min)

  • MAIN Current Raw (ADC Counts)
  • MAIN Current (A)

  • AUX Output Current Raw (ADC Counts)
  • AUX Output Current (A)

  • MAIN Output Duty (%)
  • AUX Output Duty (%)
  • General Purpose Output (GPO) 1 Duty (%)
  • General Purpose Output (GPO) 2 Duty (%)
  • General Purpose Output (GPO) 3 Duty (%)
  • General Purpose Output (GPO) 4 Duty (%)

  • Battery Input Raw (ADC Counts)
  • Battery Voltage (V)

The high contrast OLED display is bright for interior use and dims at night. You can configure 1, 2, or 4 gauge layouts on up to 10 different pages. Create customizable warning points, which trigger a special warning screen and bright LED on the face of the gauge.

The gauge can be easily customized to display the data you want to view with the free gaugeART CAN Gauge App (compatible with Android 4.4 or later and Apple iOS). The easy-to-use app works with your smartphone or tablet to wirelessly customize your gauge layouts in minutes.

gaugeART Smartphone Gauge Configuration App

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