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Welcome to Torqbyte \ˈtȯrk ˈbīt\. We are an innovative developer of electronic fueling and water-methanol injection controls and tuning systems for the uncompromising racing enthusiast.

Our mission is the deployment of unique, robust and user-friendly products for today's racing applications. We strive for technical excellence in every aspect of our product development. We use the highest quality materials and electronic components from leading semiconductor companies. All Torqbyte products are all fully designed, built and tested in Canada.

We invite you to explore our products and see for yourself why Torqbyte has an edge on the competition. 

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  • Using the Factory BMW T/MAP Sensors with the CM5-LTS

    In most BMW applications with a CM5-LTS WMI controller, it is preferred to obtain boost readings by "teeing" into the factory TMAP sensor wiring. Below is the information on how to do this for several popular BMW TMAPs we have... Read more →

  • GPO - Generic Boost Cut Strategy

    CM5 and CM5-LT are able implement 3 water methanol safety approaches and take action to cut boost whenever system trouble is detected in order to save the engine from overboost. The 3 safety approaches are: Approach 1: Activate one of the two... Read more →

  • GPO - Relay Control

    CM5 and CM5-LT are equipped with two, pull-to-ground, General Purpose Outputs, GPO1 and GPO2 that can each be configured to switch ON or OFF either ABOVE or BELOW some setpoint. This setpoint is a combination of engine RPM and either... Read more →