I/O Expansion Module for CM5-LTS

Torqbyte Inc.

$99.00 USD 
Available at a Later Time

This module plugs into the CM5-LTS wiring and breaks out the following optional signals:

  • CANBus
  • Dash-Mounted LCD Display or Gauge
  • Analog A and B 0-5V Inputs
  • Torqbyte A and B Flow Sensors

Jumpers inside the module can be used to select if the CANBus is locally terminated or not and whether the Flow Sensor or an external 0-5V voltage are fed into the unit's analog inputs. 

I/O Expansion Module is packaged in a durable 2-piece CNC-machined and hard anodized enclosure. 

Dimensions: 3.27" (83mm) x 13.8" (35mm) x 0.71" (18mm)

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