PM5 EU-Spec RS3 DAZA Plug-n-Play Kit

Torqbyte Inc.

$149.00 USD 


Plug-n-Play Wiring Kit for European-Spec TTRS/RS3 DAZA cars with:

FPCM: 4M0 906 093
Fuel Sender Top Hat (Blue): 8V0 919 087
Fuel Pump Connector: 4M0 973 724

Note: Requires Factory 8V0 971 727 A Wire Adapter To Be Present (European Models Only)

Includes a sealed connector housing that mates with the 3-Position wire adapter junction located over the passenger side fuel tank access port. Also included is a fully terminated pump wire harness with 10AWG (5.0mm^2) TXL wires for maximum power transfer that mates directly with the factory fuel sender top hat.

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