PM5 Template Update

Download, Unzip and Save the new (June 16, 2023) PM5 USB Template File

Download, Unzip and Install the FTDI FT Prog Utility

Unplug ALL cables from the PM5

Plug the USB Cable into the PM5

Plug the USB Cable into the laptop

Wait for the Windows Sound that indicates the PM5 has been enumerated

Ensure the [LINK] LED on the PM5 is illuminated


Launch the installed FTDI FT Prog Application


You will be presented with the following window


Click DEVICES -> Scan and Parse (or just press F5)


You should see the Device Tree and Property fields fill out


In the Device Tree field, Right Click on FT EEPROM


Left Click Apply Template -> From File


Navigate to the Template file that was downloaded above, select and click Open


You should see a prompt titled Operation Successful. Click OK to close it. 


To apply the new template to the PM5, click the Thunderbolt (Program Devices) button


A Program devices prompt will pop up. Click the Program button.


In the lower left corner of this prompt you will first see Programming Successful then Ready displayed. Once that's displayed click Cycle Ports and wait for the windows sound and for the [LINK] LED on the PM5 to illuminate.


Click the Close button to close the prompt.


Click File -> Exit to close FT Prog

Unplug the USB cable from the PM5 and reconnect all its other cables (if installed in the car).

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