Water Methanol Fluid Level Switch

Torqbyte Inc.

$45.00 USD 

  • Ultra high-quality and high-reliability horizontal float-type fluid level switch
  • Supplied with a universal mounting kit allowing both internal and external tank mounting
  • Integrated 2m (39") long wires
  • Nylon body and silicone seals make it ideal for automotive water methanol applications
  • Made by Honeywell Sensing

Why entrust the safety of your water methanol system to cheap offshore knockoffs when you can have the best-in-class OEM part made by the world's leading sensor manufacturer Honeywell.

This sensor is supplied with a kit that allows it to be mounted from outside or from inside the tank.

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For external mounting, drill a 0.9" (23mm) hole and assemble as shown:

Level Switch External Mounting

For internal mounting, drill a 0.65" (16,5mm) hole and assemble as shown:

Level Switch Internal Mounting

Before tightening the mounting nuts, rotate the sensor so that the float can swing up in the tank's installed orientation.

If this sensor is used with one of the two General Purpose Inputs (GPIs) on the CM5 or the CM5-LT, connect one of its two wires to a clean vehicle ground or to one of the unused black wires on the CM5/CM5-LT's 20-Pin Input/Output harness. Connect the other wire to GPI1 or GPI2. 

Fluid Level = High

In the shown orientation, the float will be up when the level of the fluid in the tank is above the switch. This will cause the switch to remain open.

Float Switch Tank Full


Fluid Level = Low

When the fluid level drops below the switch, the float will drop and cause the the switch to close.

Level Switch Tank Empty


The switch closure will connect the particular GPI signal line to ground causing the controller to read that GPI as "active" and triggering it to take appropriate action, such as activating a boost-cut failsafe that prevents boost from rising above the wastegate spring setting.

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