CTS-V FPCM Upgrade

Torqbyte Inc.

$200.00 USD 


For High Horespower applications, check out the CTS-V Fuel Pump Driver Kit


  • Fuel Pump Control Module (FPCM) Upgrade designed specifically for 2009 - 2015 Cadillac CTS-V 6.2L V8 LSA vehicles equipped with dual DW300c fuel pumps.
  • Works with any ECM tuning suite, or even without any ECM tuning at all.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the vehicle's factory systems.
  • The only solution on the market that maintains the original closed-loop fuel pressure control approach the vehicle was designed with.
  • Reliable, easy to install and use.
  • FPCM upgrade only (DW300c pumps are not included).
  • Designed by Torqbyte and tested by DeatschWerks.

DeatschWerks dual DW300c fuel pump kit is currently the most innovative and most cost-effective fueling upgrade for the MY2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V 6.2L LSA vehicles making 700HP+. The new pumps provide a 30% increase in fueling capacity with complete Plug-n-Play fitment inside the factory fuel sender basket and quiet, OEM-like pump operation. However, the most important benefit of this upgrade approach is that it ensures the ECM tuning and the factory FPCM (aka Chassis Control Module K38) remain in full control of the fuel pressure control loop that the vehicle was originally designed with. No other solution on the market can make this claim.

Until now, the CTS-V owners were faced with a choice between an expensive return system conversion or an inline booster pump. Setting aside for a moment the fact that both of these solutions require the user to cut and disturb the factory fuel system plumbing and wiring, both approaches completely bypass the ECM's pressure control loop and inhibit its ability to properly control the vehicle's fuel system. In doing so, both of these approaches prevent the ECM's tuning from achieving the desired effect of having the FPCM servo the pump duty up or down in order to maintain the user-commanded fuel system pressure set-point.

The Challenge

DW300c pumps draw approximately 35% more current than the OEM pumps. The increased current demand sometimes causes the FPCM to assert a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0231. Because P0231 is a Type A DTC, the ECM responds to it by illuminating the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL aka the Check Engine Light or CEL).

The Solution

Relying on pump electrical data supplied by DeatschWerks, Torqbyte's technical team developed an upgrade path for the Cadillac CTS-V FPCMs Part No. 25967325 (replaced by 20759945)20791901 (replaced by 20877116), 20964305. This upgrade inhibits the CEL illumination while keeping intact all of the OEM built-in safety mechanisms and fuel pressure control functionality. Design proving was carried out by DeatschWerks to ensure this upgrade meets all of the DW300c upgraded fuel system requirements.

Torqbyte can perform the FPCM upgrade service on the customer's existing module or we can supply a brand new upgraded FPCM.

Note: This upgrade was designed specifically for and tested on Cadillac CTS-V 6.2L LSA vehicles with dual DeatschWerks DW300c pumps. Using the upgraded FPCM described here on other platforms or with any other pumps could result in the destruction of the FPCM, CEL re-activation and a potential fire hazard or damage to other electrical systems in the vehicle.

Note: Customers who opt for a brand new upgraded FPCM will need specify which of the three part numbers above will need to be provided and will need to have the new module installed at their local GM dealership in order to have the technicians program the new FPCM and "marry it" to the car's ECM. There will almost certainly be charge for this service, which is the sole responsibility of the customer. Customers who send us their existing module will be able to plug it back in and be up and running without requiring a trip to the dealer.

Note: It is assumed that the customer-furnished FPCM is a known-good unit. The upgrade procedure focuses only on the FPCM circuitry related to CEL illumination. We do not fully test customer-furnished FPCMs for preexisting problems, defects or unrelated faults nor do we guarantee the modified FPCM's operation beyond the scope of this upgrade. If you are unsure about the state of your FPCM, we recommend starting with a brand new FPCM.

FPCM Removal

If you are opting for our FPCM upgrade service, you will need to remove the FPCM from the passenger side of the trunk so you can ship it to us. DO NOT include the plastic bracket that the FPCM snaps into. This bracket is not a part of the FPCM and is not required for this upgrade. Including it in the shipment will unnecessarily increase the to and from shipping costs.

You must disconnect the battery, BEFORE removing or reinstalling the FPCM.

Note: Unless you are wearing a grounded wrist-strap, avoid touching any of the pins in the FPCM's connector in order to reduce the likelihood of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) induced damage.


Shipping your FPCM to Torqbyte

Cost of shipping the module to us is the responsibility of the customer. We recommend that customers use USPS, but any carrier is acceptable. Regardless of the carrier selected, we recommend that the customer pays for a tracked service so that all parties can monitor the status of the shipment at all times.

You should ensure that the FPCM is well protected, but try to keep the package volume to a minimum to ensure your shipping costs are kept as low as possible, since shipping box volume has more impact on price than weight.

Shipment Paperwork

We are located in Canada. If you are sending us an FPCM from the U.S., you will probably have to fill out some additional paperwork that needs to be attached to your shipment. This paperwork is usually called a Commercial Invoice and its look and layout vary slightly from shipping company to shipping company. Here are a few examples for a few popular shipping carriers:

   Sample FedEx Paperwork

   Sample UPS Paperwork

   Sample USPS Paperwork (you must fill out a hard copy at the USPS office)

It is VERY IMPORTANT that this paperwork CLEARLY states that this is a Warranty/Service item. The value of the item should also be marked very low since this is a used item that you are not selling to us. Paperwork that fails to clearly state this is a Warranty/Service shipment or paperwork that shows a high dollar value could be regarded by customs as you having sold us an FPCM (which is not the case) and will cause the shipping company to charge us tax, duty and brokerage fees for an item that doesn't belong to us. Any such shipments will be refused and will be returned to sender at their own expense. Please contact us if you require clarification or assistance with this step.

Upgrade Turnaround Time

We perform all CTS-V FPCM upgrades within 2 business days.

FPCM Return Shipment

We charge a flat fee of $15US for return shipping via USPS (2-4 business days) and $35US for overnight shipping via DHL for destinations in the US and Canada.


There is no warranty offered on customer-supplied FPCMs unless it can be shown that the reported issue is directly attributable to the upgrade performed by Torqbyte. We offer a full replacement warranty for a period of 30 days on brand new FPCMs procured through a local GM dealer and upgraded by Torqbyte. Before honoring any warranty claims on brand new FPCMs, we require the customer to send us the GM Service Programming System (SPS) code provided to the GM technician when the upgraded FPCM was reprogrammed (i.e. keyed to the car's ECM) at the dealership.

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