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  • Replaces dash-mounted gauges and indicators
  • Wireless connection to Android and iOS tablets and smartphones with support for Bluetooth Low Energy technology
  • Plug-n-Play operation with existing CM5 / CM5-LT wiring
  • Designed, tested and made in Canada

BM1 is an add-on module for the CM5 / CM5-LT controllers that broadcasts all relevant unit data over a wireless Bluetooth connection for viewing on any compatible Android or iOS tablet or smartphone.

Torqbyte Bluetooth Module

Displayed controller parameters include:

  • Engine Speed
  • Turbocharger/Supercharger Boost
  • Main Output Mode
  • Main Pump Output Duty
  • Main Pump Output Current
  • Auxiliary Output Mode
  • Auxiliary Output Master
  • Auxiliary Pump Output Duty
  • Auxiliary Pump Output Current
  • General Purpose Output 1 (GPO 1) Mode
  • General Purpose Output 1 (GPO 1) Duty
  • General Purpose Output 2 (GPO 2) Mode
  • General Purpose Output 2 (GPO 2) Duty
  • Analog Input A Voltage
  • Analog Input B Voltage
  • General Purpose Input 1 (GPI 1) State
  • General Purpose Input 2 (GPI 2) State
  • CM5 or CM5-LT Firmware Version


Installation consists of simply plugging the 6-Pin connector already included on the CM5 / CM5-LT Input/Output wire adapter into the Bluetooth Module.

Note: The Bluetooth Module does not need to be mounted in a visible location in the vehicle, but it shouldn't be obstructed by large pieces of metal that may interfere with the wireless link.

Plug-n-Play Operation

TorqView App

TorqView is a free Android and iOS App that lets you view all the operating parameters of a Torqbyte CM5 or CM5-LT controller on your Android or iOS device in real-time.

The TorqView App supports automatic screen rotation and allows switching between day and night display modes that can be changed from a bright color scheme for daytime viewing and an inverted dark color scheme for nighttime viewing.

TorqView Portrait

TorqView Landscape


Download TorqView from GooglePlay     Download TorqView from iTunes

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